"Caledonia Construction is a remarkable organization, and it has been a privilege to observe it in action."

Here are comments by a few of our clients. Please contact us for a complete list of references.

Our studio addition was a trouble-free process. There were no surprises, no dramas, no "uh-oh" phone calls. Really. People are surprised to hear me describe the whole experience as "no problem at all." Caledonia said it would take 3 months and it did. They said it would cost x amount and it did.

My friends who have gone through very stressful building projects are stunned when I describe the ease of our process. I credit David and Charlie (and Jeff and Tom) with knowing their work, having the experience to plan ahead, estimate accurately, and assembling a team of reliable contractors. Every day I knew exactly what and who to expect and when. I didn't worry once.
– Shannon Bueker

Thank you Caledonia! We believe we have the most beautiful, and possibly the most functional, house imaginable. Caledonia built our new home while we were still living in New York. The long-distance arrangement was not a problem because Charlie, Dave, and Jeff smoothed the way from design through construction. Having well-founded trust in Caledonia and their subcontractors made what seemed an overwhelming undertaking painless. There certainly must be other good builders in the area, but we cannot imagine anyone better or more caring than Caledonia. And after a year and a half of living in our new home, the important thing is that we are delighted with our house just the way it is. – Carl and Mary Anderson

"I have so much to thank you for. Living in the house, we are reminded again and again of the quality, integrity, and competence each of you brought to our home. Now we know what your references meant when they said they were sorry to see the job end. The stress of building has quickly receded, and we are left with much respect, appreciation, and fondness for all of you."
– Cathy Fletcher

"I wanted to write in this somewhat formal way to thank you for everything, and to tell you how much I have enjoyed the construction of our home. As we spend more time in the house, we are impressed over and over again with how beautifully it is built. It is a tremendous source of pleasure to savor the details, and to recall all the cleverness that went into implementing the plans. We are thrilled with the results.

Caledonia Construction is a remarkable organization, and it has been a privilege to observe it in action. I appreciated your neat and organized approach, your concern for all the “issues," from the largest to the smallest, and above all, your unfailingly polite behavior toward everyone involved. You certainly set a standard that is unmatched, and I’ll look forward to seeing your future projects."
–Pat Pukkila

"Thank you so much for helping us so generously during the hurricane. I really was glad you’d built the house (during the storm) but I was REALLY GLAD you’d built our house after the storm. You have to realize that NOBODY’S contractor takes care of their customers like you do. But then I can never think of your collective thoughtfulness, ingenuity, and humor as a 'contractor.'"
–Holly Russell

"We first began working with Caledonia Construction in 1997. We’ve always been impressed that at least one of the owners, if not all three, was on the job at all times.  Not only do they supervise the construction, they are all master builders and actively participate in the construction work. The quality of their workmanship is unsurpassed and their standards of professionalism the highest. They never cut corners. Their subcontractors are also very experienced and have all worked with Caledonia for many years. Caledonia is flexible in making changes and often has excellent suggestions which we many times incorporated in the plans. They have an eye for design and appreciate the finer details of building highly complex and detailed architectural plans.

We highly and unreservedly recommend Caledonia to anyone interested in superb quality workmanship, no surprises, and a great working relationship throughout the construction process. We believe that there’s no better builder than Caledonia!"
–Betty Craven and Michael Warner

"But above all, it was Jeff and the Caledonians who shepherded for us this really major undertaking from start to finish - with patience, focus, know-how and dry humor. Always ready to listen and explain and problem-solve. They got us to the “Yes” of a very beautiful, functional kitchen and deck, and much-needed, too-long-deferred maintenance on the rest of the house.  As with our previous Caledonia project, but also seeing this as something that has continued to evolve, we are really impressed with the entity/culture/ethos the Three Caledonian Principals have forged. Part and parcel with that has been their gathering of a fine set of subcontractors, for whose good work we are also grateful."
–Amey Miller