Warner-Craven residence


Warner-Craven Residence

Jon Condoret designed the original home (1988, not built by Caledonia), an auto museum, guest house, pool house, conservatory, and an extensive addition to the original home. This project was unique for us. We first built an auto museum for the owners’ car collection in 1998. It has a high clerestory ceiling and a terrazzo floor. It also has a separate space for the owner to work on his cars. This phase also included a tennis court and a treehouse-style gazebo.

The second phase was a guest house built in 2002. It is a one-level Craftsman design with long roof overhangs and cedar shingle siding. The interior has four inch white oak flooring and custom cabinetry by Aventine Woodworking.

After the owners took up temporary residence in the guest house, the third phase of this project involved a large addition to the original residence, as well as a swimming pool, pool house, and conservatory. The addition is three stories and includes a home office, a master suite, and a third floor entertainment room. The cabinetry and oak staircase were built by Aventine Woodworking. The original home was re-sided with cedar shingles and extensively renovated during this phase of construction.

The architect, owners, and project manager Jeff Anderson worked together for two years to complete the final phase of this project. We are very proud of the results.

Architect: Jon Condoret (1998, 2002, 2005)